For Kids

Щастливият принц 3

The Happy Prince

An ordinary little swallow meets on the road a stone statue, the Happy Prince, “gilded all over with thin leaves of fine gold, for eyes he had two bright sapphires, and a large red ruby glowed on his sword-hit”. It never occurred to them that this meeting will change their lives, involving them in a variety of dramatic experiences…

Кривото патенце 5

The Crooked Duckling

Being a favorite tale of generations of Bulgarian kids “The Crooked Duckling” after Elin Pelin becomes true once more on the stage of Varna State Puppet Theatre to resurrect the very nice tradition of telling enchanting stories around the home fire.

Фолк фантазии 9

Folklore Fantasies

An amusing play of imagination and fantasy, which is woven upon some motif taken from the treasury of authentic Bulgarian folklore. A real story narrated with the help of everyday objects from the nearest past and with many bright hues of various forms and sounds woven in it.

Вълшебното огниво 13

The Magic Tinder

“The Magic Tinder” is a story about the story teller Hans-Christian Andersen.
It’s a story about the world of fairy tales where everything is possible if we wish it and strongly believe it. Also about the responsibilities we take when we follow our wishes.

Postanovka Alegro - Ovca Balerina 1

Allegro Vivace

Allegro Vivace is a funny musical puppet show, where we meet again the musical charm of puppets and their amazing abilities. Puppet abilities to make us laugh and provoke positive and cheerful emotions in us are the main topic of the show

Цветята на малката Ида 14

Little Ida’s Flowers

A magic performance after the reputed Andersen’s tale that inspired ones of the most interesting modern Bulgarian people of theatre – the writer Teodora Dimova, the director Georgy Mihalkov, the stage designer Svila Velichkova and the entire staff of Varna Puppet Theatre.

Лакома мецана 3

Greedy Goody Bear

The incredible story-teller Ran Bosilek will carry us away to animals` world and their relationships, which help children to understand that when one thinks of himself only and overlooks friendship a lot of unpleasant things can happen to him.

For Adults


The Fox

“The Fox “- a unique performance for the mind and senses. The play is based on the 4 miniatures by Sławomir Mrożek – “The Fox Strives Higher”, “Fox Hunting”, “The Serenade” and “The Philosopher Fox”.



This performance has been provoked by Arthur Penn’s movie “Little big man” which stars Dustin Hoffman – a renowned western of 20th century. It tells the story of a little man whose odyssey turns him into a big man.