Created after Leda Mileva’s poem of the same name, a favorite author of generations of Bulgarian children, the performance is introducing us to the woods of magic, where the two little bunnies – Greyclothy and Quickrunny play together carelessly. But can anyone just always play and never really care? And what are Foxy’s plans? And does the Crow know everything, or maybe it does know, but will not show.You will find the answers of all these and many other questions if you come and be among the audience and sink into the story of the two little wisps: Oaky and Hipbushy. Their happy game will bring you to the Fairy of the Woods who will reveal all forest creatures’ wonderland.Ivan Krastev’s compelling music, the passionate actors’ performance and Adriana Dobreva’s beautiful puppets will turn Greyclothy and Quickrunny into your favorite characters.

After Leda Mileva

Staging Krasimir Dobrev

Scenography Adriana Dobreva

Music Ivan Krastev

Cast:Veselina Kalcheva, Boyan Stoyanov, Krasimir Dobrev