Visual, interactive, this performance – a street procession, is an attractive open air event, having a bright and a very powerful impact on the audience. Such procession stamps the minds of all people who has ended up being at the chosen unusual theatre space and freely draws them into the world of fantasy.

It is like they have come straight from the deep sea – fish, huge jelly fish, a sea horse, squid and an octopus will come alive in front of people’s eyes. The music that comes from an unknown place according to the stage design decision, will make this event even more magnetic.

This project has been realized thanks to the financial support of National Culture Fund after “Audience” Programme – 2015.

Street parade

Staging Boian Ivanov

Scenography students from Prof. Vasil Rokomanov‘s class – National Art Academy and Prof. Maya Petrova’s class – National Academy of Theatre and Cinema Art “Krastyo Sarafov” ; Art Atelier – Varna State Puppet Theatre

Music design Boian Ivanov

Evgeniya Vasileva, Stoyan Stoyanov, Veselina Kalcheva, Boyan Stoyanov,Rosen Radev,Diana Tsolevska, Krasimir Dobrev, Elsa Clavel, Petya Boncheva