Outlook of a Stump


A man made of wood makes paper. A man writes on this paper about another man made of wood who chops a tree and makes a man who…

Outlook of a Stump is a Bulgarian version of Pinocchio after Carlo Collodi. It is not a show for kids!!! It is more like a mixture of an erotic and philosophical joke. How exactly the tree turns into a man? How the kid turns into an old man?

Tedy Moskov

A show for adults
Persons under the age of 16 are not allowed to presence!

This project is part of Varna`s candidature for
European Capital of Culture in 2019.
It is supported by the Program for Creative Projects -  Varna Municipality.


IKAR Award 2011  for staging to Tedy Moskov for the performance  Outlook of a Stump

15th International Puppet Festival The Golden Dolphin 2011
 - The big prize The Golden Dolphin for an overall performance(section performances for adults) - for Outlook of a Stump
- Prize for directing(section performances for adults) - to Tedy Moskov for the performance Outlook of a Stump
- Prize  for artistry (section performances for adults) - to the artistic team having realized the performance Outlook of a Stump
- Scenography prize - to Svila Velichkova for the performance Outlook of a Stump

Varna Prize 2012  for the performance Outlook of a Stump


A performance for adults after the children`s fairy tale (or something like Pinocchio)

Screenplay and staging Tedy Moskov

A lack of scenography Tedy Moskov

Costumes Svila Velichkova

A lack of original music Tedy Moskov

Stoyan Stoyanov, Galin Ginev, Vera Stoykova, Krasimir Dobrev, Boyan Stoyanov, Gergana Gospodinova, Diana Tsolevska