The performance "Mower Men" is inspired by Elin Pelin's stories "At Harvest" and "Mower Men". The exquisite figurative language of the author, the power of the imagination of the creative team, the epic sound of the musical score, in which author's music and songs from the repertoire of "The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices" are skillfully intertwined, are combined in a memorable and impressive stage image. Harvest and mowing - day and night, the eternal cycle of life, through the eyes of the director Boian Ivanov, the stage designer Ognyana Serafimova, the choreographer Tatyana Sokolova and the composer Hristo Namliev. The specificity of the means of expression, talentedly interpreted by the cast, complements and paints the stage reality, which lives and changes together with the characters, endured by their joys, sorrows and worries. "Mower Men" - an exciting, emotional performance, created with respect and admiration to the classical authors of  the Bulgarian literature. New, modern sounding, captivating!

Performance for adults

This performance has been realized thanks to the financial support of Culture Fund - Varna Municipality

By Elin Pelin
After  Elin Pelin ’s stories "At  Harvest" and "Mower Men"
Director Boian Ivanov
Scenography Ognyana Serafimova
Ognyana Serafimova, Aneta Kirilova
 Tatyana Sokolova
Author's music  Hristo Namliev and performances of "The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices"
Video mapping  Todor Todorov
Consultant Vera Stoykova
Cast: Boyan Stoyanov, Valentin Mitev - junior, Veselina Kalcheva, Galin Ginev, Gergana Gospodinova, Daniel Dobrev, Diana Tsolevska, Evgeniya Vasileva, Ivan Shumarov, Krasimir Dobrev, Maria Tomova, Stoyan Stoyanov, Teodor Hristov