Gergana Damyanova and Krasimir Koev



Jumping over the borders of time, the myth of Orpheus is still exciting with our increasing need for the light sprayed by the invisible power of art. In the darkness of ignorance and existence, the artist creates a new world of harmony, beauty and love. This new reality is counteracted by the dark power of destruction in the person of Hades – the bearer of evil, the thief of souls. By taking away love, he also takes away the source of creativity, poetry and dreams. The power of art against the dark power – an unequal fight where those defeated revive many times through the desire of myth-creating people to return hope.
By its impressive vision and emotional presence of music as one of the main components of narration, the performance captivates not only by the diversity of the means of expression but also by the refined presence of actors who skillfully pass through the pictures, the characters and the dance choreography. A modern and intriguing reading of the known myth.
After Silent Legends, the show is a natural continuation of the searches of the director Boyan Ivanov and the company of the State Puppet Theater of Varna in the field of visual theater.
The character of Eurydice is played by the debuting young and talented Milyana Noshkova - graduate from the Dobri Hristov High School of Arts, Varna.

Performance for adults


- The Grand Prix "The Golden Dolphin" is bestowed to Varna State Puppet Theatre, Bulgaria for the visual performance based on motifs from ancient mythology „ORPHEUS”. Director – Boian Ivanov, stage design and costumes – Svila Velichkova, choreography – Tatyana Sokolova, music - Hristo Namliev, video mapping: Todor Todorov.

- Best Original Music Award to HRISTO NAMLIEV – for the performance „Orpheus” by State Puppet Theatre - Varna, Bulgaria and for the performance „The Queen of Spades” by State Puppet Theatre - Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

- DEBUT Award by the Union of Bulgarian Actors is bestowed to MILYANA NOSHKOVA – for her part of Eurydice in the performance „Orpheus” by State Puppet Theatre - Varna, Bulgaria.

- Best Technical Team Award is bestowed to the technical staff of State Puppet Theatre - Varna, Bulgaria for the performance „Orpheus”.


Visual performance based on motifs from ancient mythology

Staging Boian Ivanov

Consultant Vera Stoykova

Scenography and costumes Svila Velichkova

Video mapping and CGI animation Todor Todorov

Choreography Tatyana Sokolova

Music Hristo Namliev

Stoyan Stoyanov,Milyana Noshkova,Teodor Hristov,Boyan Stoyanov, Veselina Kalcheva, Gergana Gospodinova,Ivan Shumarov, Diana Tsolevska, Krasimir Dobrev