The Three Fairies offer the children audience one exciting adventure. They will take them on a trip in the Land of Flowers. On the wings of magic, we will fly around the immense world of flower seeds, bulbs and roots. We will help in planting and watch the miracle of growth! Along with Droppy, Mrs. Colorful and Mrs. Shine – the fairy assistants, we will try to guess what flower will blossom and what color it will be. Real wonders in the Fairy garden! What are the Three Fairies called? You will find out yourselves if you are ready for a trip! And how will we travel? Singing, of course!

Script and directing Vera Stoykova

Stage design and puppets Adriana Dobreva

Composer and musical teacher Ivan Krastev

Director assistant  Evgeniya Vasileva

Cast: Evgeniya Vasileva, Elitsa Danailova, Maria Tomova