Garo Keshishian


Puss in Boots  is a play created by a theatre crew of young people. The play is devoted to the 400th anniversary of the birth of Charles Perrault. This theatre project is supported by Varna Municipality.

The theatre crew presents the well known and edifying story in an attractive way, suitable to the demands of the children of today, but keeping the originality of the fairy tale and Perrault’s morals. The visual style of the play is quite unusual, without puppets, combining multimedia with the costumes and the masks of the actors. They make an effective team creating typical and vigorous characters.

For children more than 3 years.

After Charles Perrault

Staging Galin Ginev

Scenography Vanya Konstantinova

Dramatization Elena St. Vladova

CGI animation Galin Ginev

Music Zhivko Alatov (Jani)

Stoyan Stoyanov, Krasimir Dobrev, Tanya Zhekova, Galin Ginev