To promise something and to keep your promise – that’s praiseworthy! But the princess in this story does just the opposite! Any evasion from responsibility sweeps her along into lie after lie. Lie and truth, ugly and beautiful fight inside her! So, the princess has to pay a very dear price for what she has done.

The Frog seeks his ends – a kiss from the Princess. And so he gets it. She kisses him revealing her heart to him. And the Frog turns into a prince and everybody is happy now, because good wins against evil and truth wins against lie.

For children aged more than 4 years.

After Grimm brothers

Staging Vladimir Stevkov

Scenography Vera Benkovska

Dramatization Veselin Boydev

Music Vladimir Dzhambazov

Boyan Stoyanov, Krasimir Dobrev, Tanya Zhekova