Being a favorite tale of generations of Bulgarian kids “The Crooked Duckling” after Elin Pelin becomes true once more on the stage of Varna State Puppet Theatre to resurrect the very nice tradition of telling enchanting stories around the home fire. As every good story this one starts with “Once upon a time…” as well and it goes on with the story of an old man and his wife who when walking through the woods found a little duck with a crooked leg and took him home to take care of it as a child. You can imagine how their life changes, but to find out what the little duckling is turning into after being raised with so much love and what is happening afterwards, you will have to take your seat among the kids in the theater hall, to watch carefully and take yourself to the wonderful world of fairytales, born around the playful flames of the home fire. The original wonderful poem of Elin Pelin will be playing simultaneously, told by the artist Emilia Petkova and all of us will be introduced to the funny, merry stories in the house of the old man and his wife by the artists Tanya Velyanova, Diana Staykova and Tanya Zhekova. At the background of our beautiful folklore music one more Bulgarian tale will bring us back to our rich treasure chest of tales.

After Elin Pelin

Dramatization and  staging Vera Stoykova

Scenography and costumes Adriana Dobreva

Musical settings Ventsisla Marashliev

Emilia Petkova, Evgeniya Vasileva, Tanya Zhekova, Diana Staykova