Grandpa`s Mitten


Magdalena Dimova


Who does not remember the story about that absent-minded old man, who had gone for Zlatitsa and lost his mitten? The same thing will happen to him once again on the theatre stage…and again his mitten will gather together the Little mouse Nibble, Bunny from the middle woods, Foxy, Wolfy and the Little Bear.

The actors will tell you this story with a lot of cheerful mood, music and songs.

In the mitten there will be room for everybody and all of our story characters will be happy.

Be among them and have fun!

For children more than 3 years.

By Elin Pelin

Actor's production by : Evgeniya Vasileva , Gergana Gospodinova, Krasimir Dobrev, Emiliya Petkova, Diana Staykova

Scenography Adriana Dobreva

Musical settings Svetla Vasileva

Evgeniya Vasileva , Gergana Gospodinova, Krasimir Dobrev, Emilia Petkova, Diana Staykova