Festival Diary: Day 5

A standing ovation for “The King of Broken Things” performed by “Theatresmiths” (Hillcrest, South Africa)!

Michael Taylor-Broderick (author and director): "The Golden Dolphin is the best festival in the world - and we have been to quite a few! It's very different here, and we are in awe of the reception we have had from the audience! I started working on my puppet for this performance in my very own garage and I had no idea what I was going to use it for - but I really wanted to make it. I had a totally separate idea for the character - this boy who likes fixing things, who lives in their own world, where anything is possible and anything that is broken can be fixed. So I got in touch with Cara's friend, who told me the two can be brought together. I asked him - what is the puppet going to do? And he just said it needs to come alive. I then wrote the full play, drawing inspiration from my two boys. They came up with the funniest and most important line: that instead of imagination, we have got "imagine"..."

Cara Roberts (actress): "I feel wonderful here - the Bulgarian audience has given us the warmest reception we have ever seen! I've never had to do four encores before - I could see that the audience really felt the performance with us, there were some tears, too... I felt so at home and for a moment I thought I might cry as well."

Hanging By A Thread, Di Filippo Marionette - Ofida, Italy

Rhoda Lopez (author, actress): “It is an honour for us to be here, we really wanted to be part of the “Golden Dolphin” and - finally - here we are! This is our first time in Bulgaria and we have had such a warm welcome!"

Remo Di Filippo (author, director, actor): “We feel fantastic here! Everyone has been wonderful - all of the actors who are participating, and of course the hosts. We are so happy to be here with you!”


Lyubomir Zhelev, author and director of “Hotel”, Stara Zagora State Puppet Theatre: “I have poured my heart and soul into this performance. The actors have no lines - this is because words often get in our way, and create more problems than they resolve. And love often arrives precisely when there are no words. We would like to thank Varna State Puppet Theatre and the festival - this is the first time we have performed “Hotel” outside of our own theatre, in front of so many colleagues, and a bigger audience that has come especially to see our performances.”

The Festival is realized with the financial support of Ministry of Culture, Culture Fund-Varna Municipality and National Culture Fund