This different reading of “Little Prince” after Exupery’s emblematic work, is a result of a creative collaboration of Varna Puppet Theatre and the Italian Cultural Association “Umbri-a-concerto”. What makes this visual performance unique is the participation of young people with special needs from the reception center “Aldo Moro” in Gubbio, together with Vera Stoykova – initiator and taking part in the project of Maestro Andrea Giacometti – musician and composer, living and working in Varna for about a year. Vera Stoykova - director of Varna Puppet Theatre, is responsible for the conceptual decision of the project, also directing the production, along with her colleagues Diana Tsolevska, Galin Ginev and Stoyan Stoyanov.
Computer graphics and visual effects have been made by Todor Todorov. At a press conference, Vera Stoykova expressed her admiration for the achievements of the children and called them real artists who are able to spread their energy even amongst professionals with many years of stage experience. The premiere of “Little Prince” is tomorrow night, 19th of April, at the stage of Theatre Ronkoni, Gubbio, Italy.

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