Magdalena Dimova



Cinderella is the favorite story of children and adults. A tale that makes the audience believe in miracles and want to relive all over again the touching story of a poor girl, who becomes a princess.

Narrated with imagination, played with feeling, Cinderella lives on the stage of Varna Puppet Theater since 1990. Actors skillfully involve the children in their story as the theater magic turns them into princesses, doves and cute little horses. Those unforgettable moments always turn back time towards Charles Perrault’s fairy kingdom.

For children aged more than 3 years.

After Charles Perrault

Staging Jhannan Kaba

Scenography Svila Velichkova

Dramatization Jhannan Kaba and Akexander Iliev

Musical settings Svetla Vasileva

Tanya Zhekova, Valentin Mitev-junior, Daniel Dobrev, Balena Landzheva