Puppet Therapy

Since April 2008, Varna Puppet Theatre is a base of the newly established non-profit Puppet Therapy Association.
The Association aims at promoting and implementation of the idea of using the puppet during the treatment and education process as a mediator between the treating (educating) staff and the treated (educated) persons; collaboration with the Puppets and Therapy International Association and other similar organizations.

The very same year, two puppet therapy workshops were included in the programme of the 14th edition of The Golden Dolphin ITF that were welcomed with great interest by psychologists, physicians, teachers and social workers. The seminars were led by Madeleine Lyon, president of the World Puppet Therapy Association.

The association contemplates puppet therapy for children and adults with psychophysical troubles as well as for healthy children with educational purposes and development of dexterity and artistic skills, implementation and presentation of performances at health centres and educational establishments, seminars, conferences, workshops, edition of specialized materials, etc.

Actors from the theatre have been leading for three consecutive years the workshops in a summer project called Theatre Puppet Workshop financed by Varna Municipality. Disadvantaged children and young people are successfully integrated and collaborating with their coevals.

For two years yet, Varna Puppet Theatre has been supporting the operation of the Psychic Health Centre, in particular the theatre studio to the Methadone Programme. The young people prepare their puppet performances there by making by themselves part of the puppets and the scenery, while the theatre provides to them other - real, professional puppets. Actors and experts from the team visit the Centre frequently - they consult, help the puppet workmanship and also the rehearsing process. The theatre made its stage and stage equipment available for free for the presentation of the performances The Process and Night Birds in front of various homes for children deprived from parents' care.

Young people from the Centre participated in the theatre's summer project under the Youth's Activities Programme of Varna Municipality - Theatre Puppet Workshop.

With the assistance of the Puppet Theatre, the most active young people were involved as extras in a performance from the 18th International Puppet Festival in Varna.

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