International Puppet Festival The Golden Dolphin

The International Puppet Festival The Golden Dolphin was established in 1972. Its 18th issue is forthcoming in 2022. It is held once in every three years, from 1st to 7th October.


Address of the festival: State Puppet Theatre - Varna 4, Dragoman Str. 9000 Varna, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 /52/ 607 841
Fax: +359 /52/ 607 842
E-mail and website [email protected]; [email protected];
Artistic Director: Mrs. Vera Stoykova
Executive Director: Mrs. Ana Aleksandrova
  1. The aims of the International Puppet Festival The Golden Dolphin are as follows:
    • To assist the development of Bulgarian dramaturgy for puppet theatre;
    • To popularize the achievements of the Bulgarian puppet art;
    • To introduce the modern trends and the latest quests of the puppet art all over the world;
    • To contribute to the closer contacts between the puppet and theatrical specialists from the different countries.
  2. Workshops covering wide scope of topics related to the theory and practice of the puppet theatre are held within the frames of the festival The Golden Dolphin.
  1. Bulgarian and foreign professional puppet theatres may take part in the festival.
  2. The productions which are proposed for participation in the festival are to be created after its last issue - 2017.
  3. The festival program is divided into three parts:
    А.  Production of a new Bulgarian puppet play or production after Bulgarian stage adaptation of literary work created after the last issue of the festival.
    B.  Puppet theatre production for children.
    C.  Puppet theatre production for adults.
    Productions mentioned in part B and C are not limited in their choice of dramaturgy.
  4. The theatres may take part in the festival by maximum two productions, one of them compulsory complying with the requirements set in part A of clause 3 above.
  5. The candidates send their proposal in writing, enclosing video record of the production(s), press-dossier, photos, programmes, posters and filled-in technical sheet of the production(s) latest to April 30th of the year when the festival is held.
  6. The selection of the productions to be included into the festival programme is carried out by Selection Commission
  7. The theatres are officially informed about the decision of the Selection Commission and the theatres whose productions are approved to take part in the festival, receive an official invitation latest to June 1st of the year when the festival is held.
  8. The theatre performs its production(s) only once during the contest programme of the festival and one or twice out of the contest programme.
  9. All expenses related to the stay and participation of the theatres in the festival, lodgings and per diem are on the account of the organizers.
  10. Transportation expenses are on the account of the visiting theatre.

Special jury awards honours and awards for achievements in the following fields:

  1. Awards for entire performance:
    -  Greatest award Golden Dolphin
  2. Awards for dramaturgy for puppet theatre:
    - award for original puppet play;
    - award for stage adaptation of literary work
  3. Awards for stage production, stage design and artistry for each of  the two sections – for children and for adults:
    - award for stage production;
    - award for stage design;
    - award for artistry – woman’s part;
    - award for atristry – man’s part.
  4. Awards for music of puppet theatre production:
    - award for original music;
    - award for musical setting.
  5. The jury reserves its right to withhold the awards as mentioned above and to make changes, if necessary.
  6. All theatres, which have taken part in the  International festival The Golden Dolphin are awarded diploma.
  1. The International Puppet Festival The Golden Dolphin is organised by NGO The Golden Dolphin - Varna, Ministry of Culture , Varna Municipality, the Union of Bulgarian Actors (UBA), Bulgarian Center of UNIMA and State Puppet Theatre -Varna.
  2. The organisation and carrying out of the festival is managed by the Organizing Committee whose members authorize the Directorate of the festival to coordinate and expedite all activities.
  3. The Directorate of the festival specifies the number of the members and appoints the members of Selection Commission and the jury of the festival.
  4. All problems related to the festival, which are not regulated by this Statute, are settled by the Organizing Committee and the Directorate of the festival.
  5. The funds for the organisation and carrying out of the festival are provided by Ministry of Culture, Varna Municipality, the Union of Bulgarian Actors (UBA), Bulgarian Centre of UNIMA, sponsorship, endowments, etc.


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