Garo Keshishian


The beloved children’s tale is back to the stage 16 years later in a mini variant. Narrated in a captivating way by the actors Gergana Gospodinova and Stoyan Stoyanov, it brings us to the fairy tale world where everything begins by “Once upon a time…” and has a happy end.

In the small world of the small puppets, the spectators experience again the troubles of the King and the Queen, the great love of the Princess and the Prince and, of course, the great magic of the magic kiss.

For children aged more than 3 years.

The performance has been staged for a first time at Varna State Puppet Theatre in 1991.

After Grimm brothers

Staging Dimitar Pavlov

Scenography Virdzhinia Petkova

Dramatization Dimitar Pavlov

Music Ilko Iliev

Gergana Gospodinova, Stoyan Stoyanov