This performance will marry opera and puppet art in a series of symbolically connected scenes of Mozart’s five most famous operas – “Don Giovanni”, “Thus do they all”, “The magic flute”, “The marriage of Figaro”, “The abduction from the Seraglio”. The eternal topics of love, jealousy and infidelity are a good reason for the puppet actors’ imagination and creativity to interpret and manipulate all situations recreated by the opera singers. This is one unexpected and emotional vision of the known arias, duets, trios and quartets. The expression of improvised puppets come to life – clothes, suitcases, shoes in a panoptic of images under the sound of Mozart’s immortal music.

Co-production between Varna State Opera, Varna State Puppet Theatre and IMF Mozart Festival - Pravets

Staging Boian Ivanov

Costumes Yana Dvoretska

Choreography Tanya Sokolova

Conductor Stefan Boyadzhiev

Soloists of Varna State Opera: Linka Stoyanova, Svilen Nikolov,Ilina Mihailova, Hristo Ganevsky, Lilyana Kondova, Geo Chobanov, Silvia Angelova, Petar Kostov and the actors of Varna State Puppet Theatre: Galin Ginev, Diana Tsolevska, Vera Stoykova, Stoyan Stoyanov, Teodor Hristov, Boyan Stoyanov, Veselina Klcheva, Gergana Gospodinova, Ivan Shumarov. Choir and orchestra of Varna State Opera