Magdalena Dimova



The island of the evil – Crocodilia, must turn into an island of the song. So the best singers from all over the world will help for that : Sami the Eagle from USA, Baluba the Zebra from Africa, Bravo the Parrot from Latin America, Misha the Bear from Russia, Francois the Rooster from France, Capitolia the She-wolf from Italy and Gramotran the Donkey from Bulgaria. Those famous singers will get in real a battle with the evil during the impressing competition World Zoovision.

The incredible music by the commonly loved composer Boris Karadimchev and the impressive puppets by Ognyana Serafimova supplement actors’ play and rivet spectators’ attention to the stage where we will have unforgettable meetings with the star performers.

The Island of the Songs is an attractive emotional experience suitable for all ages. The musical is especially created for Varna Puppet Theatre.

Musical by Boris Karadimchev and Matey Stoyanov

Staging Vera Stoykova

Scenography Ognyana Serafimova

Dramatization Matey Stoyanov

Music Boris Karadimchev

Veselina Kalcheva, Gergana Gospodinova, Yolanta Raykova, Tanya Velyanova,Tanya Zhekova, Diana Tsolevska, Diana Staykova, Boyan Stoyanov, Krasimir Dobrev, Stoyan Stoyanov, Galin Ginev, Zhivko Zhekov