A painted little man is headed to the land of Geometry. On his way, he will meet Circly, Rectangly, Square-man and Triangulus, who will go with him, inpatient to get to know the world. At the end, they all will discover that there is nothing better than living together.
Puppets of all colors, melodic songs and the funny Professor Mathew will help our little viewers to learn the flat geometric figures’ names before they know it, and will also turn this educational performance into a very exciting adventure.
The performance has won two awards for puppet drama.

For children above the age of 4.

Author and staging Rositsa Minovska – Devedjieva

Scenography and costumes Lilyana Vasileva

Music Plamen Mirchev – Mirona

Tanya Zhekova,Emilia Petkova,Petya Boncheva