Nina Lokmadzhieva



“Here is a discover - what if all the colors,
Start a dance on a blank piece of paper?
Then watch everyone what a secret uncovers
World becomes brighter and greater”

A little bit of here, a little bit of there, mixed in a strange way characters of the well-known story, along with a dog, chosen by …YOU become alive on the stage! The dog will help us find out who says “meow” and what each of our characters say – the tiny mouse, the little hen, the sheep, the bee, the piggy, the donkey.
And yet – who is the one that says “meow” and what do they look like? We expect YOU, little spectator to tell us with a drawing.

After V. Suteev’s stories

Dramatization and staging Bianka Benkovska

Scenography and costumes Adriana Dobreva

Music Hristo Namliev

Diana Staykova, Emilia Petkova, Tanya Velyanova, Tanya Zhekova