Under an old beech tree
Somewhere far away from here
A mushroom with a cap was lying
Many times I’ve seen it crying...

This is how the story about the little Mushroomy who wanted to be a man begins. The unforgettable verses by Uncle Zlatko, passed from generation to generation, the wonderful puppets of Adriana Dobreva and the compelling performance of the actors introduce the audience to the magic forest world for a meeting with old friends. To make all that even more real we have the music of Hristo Namliev, famous with his love for trips in the fairy world.

Performance is suitable for kids at the age of 3 to 103.

By Uncle Zlatko

Staging Vera Stoykova

Scenography and costumes Adriana Dobreva

Music Hristo Namliev

Stoyan Stoyanov, Diana Staykova, Evgeniya Vasileva, Emilia Petkova, Ekaterina Vasileva, Krasimir Dobrev, Boyan Stoyanov, Diana Tsolevska, Tanya Velyanova, Gergana Gospodinova, Tanya Zhekova