Maria Tomova

Мария 1

Born on 23 February 1994.

Graduate from Kr. Sarafov NATFA in Prof. Bonyo Lungov's class in 2017.
Actress at Varna State Puppet Theatre since 2017.


Cast  in NATFA Training Puppet Theatre:  The Bravest Tailor  directing by Bonyo Lungov, The Sea of Fantasy directing by Bonyo Lungov, Frog The King directing by Darin Petkov, Song of Love - musical directing by Bonyo Lungov.

Cast in Varna State Puppet Theatre: Christmas Slide,
This apple is strange and the woods it will change,The Three Fairies, Little Red Riding Hood, The Adventures of Cipollino, Hello, School!, The Flower Meadow, Christmas Wishes,  The Little Mermaid, Fluffy’s Garden, Three Dioptres Happiness, The Fox,  Thumbelina etc.

Participation in film production: Immunity  directed by Raymond Steers


International Puppet Theatre Festival Summer, Puppets and Friends, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria,2019 – Audience’s prize for the performance Little Red Riding Hood

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