What shall we do today? Let’s do something together. Let’s create a “fariy tale meadow” and sink into the magic world of those stories that flowers, birds and ladybugs whisper to us. All characters in our stories are so small that we usually barely see them, but the world we will find them in is so colorful and immense that, trust me, at the end of the story we would not like to leave. Let us do this wonderful trip and prepare for meeting the unforgettable little Stoyko-the warm, Garo-the craw, Pepy-the caterpillar, Maya the bee, and Kinka – the ladybug and her playful children.

The amazing actors and impressive stage design and puppets will take you around the meadow maze towards an unforgettable adventure. Shhh! The story is about to start!

Author and staging Vera Stoykova

Scenography and costumes  Adriana Dobreva, Ventsislav Markov

Stoyan Stoyanov, Gergana Gospodinova, Boyan Stoyanov