In the middle of the pretty summer

Woods are napping nicely out.

In the silent afternoon however,

some forest leaves are moving around.

And there goes Foxy at the meadow,

What is she thinking? Come find out!

What is going through cheeky Foxy’s mind? The first one to find out will be the curious Birdie, and then all of us! Well, Wolfy and Bear will not hide their curiosity too. And what will happen to our friend Bunny – come and let’s find out!
“Bunny at the Sea” is a funny and sea topic - educational performance, filled with a lot of water splashes, laughter and good mood.

Author’s performance  of  Vera Stoykova, Galin Ginev,  Diana Tsolevska,Stoyan Stoyanov

Puppets Adriana Dobreva